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The Full Story

Mike Delaney has worked on TV, commercials, stills campaigns and films as a 'Football Choreographer' since 2002. Initially hired by Wieden & Kennedy to choreograph football action for the first batch of Nike commercials featuring key footballer assets Thierry Henry, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Figo, Ronaldinho & Cristiano Ronaldo. Creative agency 180 Amsterdam then signed Mike into adidas football commercials from 2005 onwards. Mike has worked for a number of different clients over the years including Pepsi, Guinness, Carling, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Uber, UEFA, Mars, BES, Heineken, EA Sports, Puma. The majority of Mike's projects over the years have been on adidas commercial football campaigns.

Within football films, Mike worked as football choreographer on the 2013 fictional story of Sir Matt Busby 'Believe'. Then in 2018 on 'Catacombe' in Holland and in 2020 on the Netflix six part series about the beginnings of football and the rise of the professional game 'The English Game'.



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Coral Commercial - Models supplied by Select Sports Artists


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