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Providing Models, Athletes, Body Doubles, Freestylers & Sport Choreography for TV/Films/Commercials/Print/Music Videos and Live Events - Covering all sports.

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Delaney started his career as a stand-in and background footballer on commercial shoots, where his expertise in skill moves got him noticed by directors. He would then get called into meetings and asked to come up with a move for players such as Francesco Totti and Roberto Carlos and, later, to show them how to pull it off for the camera.

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The man responsible for this is Mike Delaney, a former freestyle footballer-turned football choreographer. He is brought on board to tailor the action to look real and authentic to the specific requirements of your production. He has worked with the likes of Adidas for commercial work and Netflix for the tv series "The English Game".

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Body Doubles 

Our database has a number of sports men and women who can match up for actors, footballers and athletes to deliver a high level of sports skill. Over the years we have provided doubles for countless football commercials, films and Photography shoots. When we receive the brief, we identify the best options from our database so that clients do not have to scrawl through too many options

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Sports Models

Our sports models have been adaptable for all different types of shoots. They are sometimes used as featured roles or can also be background players. We take time to screen anyone wanting to join the books to ensure that we have the most professional models available.​

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Our football freestylers have performed at events all over the world. They are highly skilled in performing for live events at stadiums and at VIP lounges and also for filming projects for numerous brands. ​

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